The Dream of Death

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The dreams, satirical works, composed between 1606 and 1623, are narratives of Lucianesque inspiration. They review various customs, trades and popular characters of their time. These are

  • The dream of judgment,
  • The demon-possessed bailiff,
  • The dream of hell,
  • The world inside
  • and The Dream of Death, also known as the visit of jokes.

In the Dreams, Francisco de Quevedo makes a satire of the different professions or social states: Jurists, doctors, butchers, hidalgos, poets, astrologers, to finish talking about the bad practitioners of the different religions. Then Mohammed, Luther and Judas enter the scene.

Between these demands and responses, fatigued and fought (I suspect it was courtesy of godly rather than natural sleep) I fell asleep. After, unpregnant, the soul was idle without the hindrance of the external senses, I was attacked in this way by the following comedy, and thus recited by my powers in the dark being me for my fantasies auditorium and theater.
Some doctors were entering on horseback on mules that with black gualdrapas looked like graves with ears. The pace was fun, clumsy and uneven, so that the owners went over in mareta and some swings of sawyers. The disgusting sight of pure wandering your eyes through urinals and toilets; mouths ambushed in beards, that hardly a pointer could find them; sayos with remnants of jeans; gloves in effusion, folded like those that heal; Ring on the thumb, with stone so large that when it takes the pulse it predicts the slab to the patient. They were these in great numbers, and all surrounded by talkers who studied in lackeys, and dealing more with the mules than with the dowries graduated as doctors. I, seeing them, said:
“If these others are made, it is not much that these others undo us.

Fragment of the work

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