The Double Sacrifice

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The double sacrifice. Juan Valera

Father Guitérrez to Don Pepito
Malaga, April 4, 1842.
My dear disciple: My sister, who has lived in that place for more than twenty years, has lived in my house for two years, since she became a widow and childless. He maintains many relationships, frequently receives letters from there and is aware of everything. From her I know things that disturb and grieve me in the extreme. How is it possible, I say to myself, that a young man so honest and so God-fearing, and to whom I taught metaphysics and morals so well, when he came to hear my lectures in seminary, should now conduct himself in such a sinful way? I am horrified to think of the danger to which you expose yourself of incurring the most frightful sins, of embittering the existence of a venerable old man, dishonoring his gray hair, and of being an occasion, if not cause, of irremediable misfortunes. I know that frantically in love with Doña Juana, legitimate wife of the rich farmer Don Gregorio, you pursue her with bold imprudence and try to triumph over the virtue and fortitude with which she resists you. Pretending to be an engineer or agricultural expert, you are there teaching how to prepare the wines and how to graft the vines into a better viowner; But what you graft is your vicious mischief, and what you prepare is the shameful desolation of an excellent man, whose sole fault is that of having married, already old, a pretty and somewhat flirtatious girl. Ah, no, my son! For God’s sake and for your sake, I beg you. Give up your criminal enterprise and return to Malaga. If you value my affection and the good concept in which I always had you, and if you do not want to lose them, do not ignore my admonitions.

From Don Pepito to Father Guitérrez
Villalegre, April 7.
My dear and respected teacher: Uncle Paco, who has brought wine and oil from here to that city, has just given me your letter of the 4th, to which I hasten to reply so that you may calm down and form a better opinion of me. I am not in love with Doña Juana nor do I pursue her as she imagines. Doña Juana is a singular and to some extent dangerous woman, I confess. Six years ago, when she was about thirty, she managed to marry the rich farmer Don Gregorio. No one accuses her of being unfaithful, but they do accuse her of having deceived her husband, that she sends him with shoes and brings him and carries him like a jerandillo. She is so conceited and so vain that she believes and has made her husband believe that there is no man who does not fall in love with her and who does not persecute her. If I have to tell the truth, Doña Juana is not ugly, but she is not very pretty either; And neither by high, nor by low, nor by very thin, nor by thick it attracts anyone’s attention. Yes, it attracts attention for its looks, for its movements and because, perhaps without realizing it, it insists on calling it and provoking people. He puts carmine on his cheeks, rice powder is poured on his forehead and neck, and his eyelids are painted black so that his black eyes shine brighter. He wields them continuously, as if from them were the loves throwing arrows. In short: Doña Juana, against whom the bad tongues have nothing to say, goes without wanting to riot and drive the mortals of the stronger sex crazy, either for a walk, already in the gatherings, or in the same church. Thus it makes easy and abundant conquests. Not a few men, especially if they are strangers and do not know her, figure out what they want, promise them happily, and dare to break her and even make immoral propositions. She then dismisses them with intemperate boxes. Immediately she boastfully laments to all her friends how much immorality spreads and that she is so unfortunate and has such attractions, that there is no man who does not requibe her, pretend her, harass her and put snares to her honesty, without leaving her calm with her gift Gregorio.
Doña Juana’s madness has reached the extreme of supposing that even those who say nothing to her are in love with her. In this issue I tell myself, unfortunately. Last summer I saw and met Doña Juana in the baths of Carratraca. And since I am here now, she has put together in her mind the that I have been chasing her. I find no way to take away this illusion, which annoys me not a little, and I can not and do not want to leave this place and return to Malaga, because there is a matter for me of great interest, which here holds me back. I’ll talk about it to you another day. Goodbye for today.

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