The Disinherited

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La desheredada, a novel by Benito Pérez Galdós belonging to the group of novels that he called “Contemporary Spanish novels”. These works faithfully reflect the society of the moment. In them the references to the political events of that time are continuous, creating a novelesque universe that will reappear in almost all the titles.
The disinherited presents the social fall of Isidora Rufete. She pretends to inherit a marquisate and ends up practicing prostitution, the final step of a progressive and painful degradation.
Galdós published this book in 1909, at the age of sixty-six. However, the events he relates take place thirty-odd years earlier, at the time of the crisis of the First Republic.
The vicissitudes of the novel are intertwined with the historical vicissitudes almost as an allegory of the aristocratic infuriations of Isidora Rufete. Isidora is fascinated by superfluous luxury, despises the social class in which she has grown up and is an example of the lack of common sense.
Some Galdós scholars have wanted to see in the plot of The Disinherited the influence of Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary.
Isidora Rufete suffers from bovarism. However, while Emma Bovary was carried away by the bourgeois illusion of becoming a Parisian lady, the Spaniard raved about living as an aristocrat in Madrid, because of her conviction that she is the daughter of an early deceased marchioness.

“…Have all the ministers met?… Can the Council start?… The car, the car, or will I not make it to the Senate in time… This life is intolerable… And the country, that blessed monster with the head of barbarism and the tail of ingratitude, does not know how to appreciate our self-denial, pays our sacrifices with insults, and rejoices in seeing us humiliated! But I’ll fix you, country of the monkeys. What’s your name? Your name is Envidiópolis, the city without heights; and since you are pure soil, you sympathize with everything that falls… How much is it? Ten million, twenty-four million, one hundred and sixty-seven million, two hundred and thirty-three thousand four hundred and twelve pesetas and seventy-five cents…; That’s the amount. You won’t forget me anymore, mischievous; I have already caught you, you no longer escape me, O trembling, elusive, incomprehensible amount, like a drop of mercury! Here I have you inside my fist, and so that you do not leave again, playing, to the chaos of oblivion, I put you in this drawer of my brain, where it says: Personal subsidy … May the honourable Member admire me at the carelessness with which the honourable Member and your friends’ confess to having infringed the Constitution… I don’t mind the murmurs. I will order the stands to be cleared… To vote, to vote! Do you vote for me? Do you want to know with which powers I govern? There you have them: they are loaded by the back. Here are my vows: they were made for me by Krupp… But what noise is this? Who’s running around in my brain? Hey, who’s on top?… Yes yes; it is the drop of mercury, which has come out of its drawer…”

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