The deputies for Cuba in the courts of Spain

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Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788411268257

The deputies for Cuba in the courts of Spain during the first three constitutional periods is an essay by the Cuban Elías Entralgo. Here we reflect, from a Latin American perspective, on the failure of the Cortes of Cádiz to understand the aspirations of the New World. In the analyses of the Cortes of Cádiz and the Constitution they promulgated, the issue is currently posed as a Spanish problem.
However, the legitimate aspiration of Latin America to have representation in Spain and to have its own rights recognized is overlooked. It was this aspiration, frustrated throughout the continent, that was provoked by successive Latin American declarations of independence.
The deputies for Cuba in the courts of Spain is not a text for specialists. We publish it because we consider it a profound reflection on the lack of understanding in political matters. The one that leads to fratricidal wars against cultural countries and governments that, in the end, share a common history.

Work presented by the Corresponding Academic in Marianao, Province of Havana, Dr. Elías Entralgo,
And approved in ordinary session of April 20, 1944.

The corresponding members are something like the diplomatic corps of the academies. They do not cease to be part of them even if they are outside their circuit with a certain kind of extraterritoriality. And the association of ideas has led me to think about the possible affinity between the nature of the scholar and the nature of the subject he chooses for his input work. Does it not seem appropriate that whoever is going to represent the Academy of Cuban History abroad selects for its entrance study a piece of our historical life that does not always develop within the Island?
The approach I have just outlined is not in the category of those that require justification or explanation. It belongs rather to the flexible outline of intellectual grace or sympathy. It is less than a criterion; It’s a pleasure. Therefore, without dwelling on an introductory apologetic task, I will now place the four cardinal points that will guide the logic of this inquiry.
1. Why were you deputies for Cuba to the Cortes of Spain? 2. When did they go? 3. How were they? 4. What were they for? The first issue is inherently causal; the second is genuinely historical; the third is axiologically political and in some way sociological; The fourth is eminently teleological. I will try to perceive them in their true smell, see them in their real color, taste them in their effective flavor.

Excerpt from the text

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