The Dead Rule

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In the novel The Dead Rule (Los muertos mandan), by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Jaime Febrer is the heir of a Mallorcan family of alcurnia and is ruined. He has squandered his meager inheritance.
The only possible solution is to agree a good marriage with an heiress who craves the reputation of the Febrer surname and who can fill the family coffers. A chueta, a young woman from a Jewish family, is willing to marry Febrer.
Febrer asks for the young woman’s hand but her “dead” make him repent. So he flees to Ibiza scared and takes refuge in a property that still belongs to him. There he will be forced to eat his lordly pride and accept the help of a pawn to survive, and ends up falling in love with the beautiful daughter of his benefactor. Again the “dead” of Febrer will speak again to dissuade him.

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