The Daughter of the Air

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The Daughter of the Air (La hija del aire) is a historical drama written by Pedro Calderón de la Barca in 1653, based on the mythological story of Semiramis, the legendary queen of Assyria and founder of Babylon. The play focuses on this strong and seductive woman, marked by a life of violence from her birth.
The work is divided into two parts, each premiered on different days in November 1653, and is presented in a palatial setting before King Philip IV. In the first part, the plot revolves around the accusation of usurpation made by the King of Lydia, Lidoro, against Semiramis. He points out that the legitimate power belongs to Ninias, Semiramis’s own son. What follows is a war and a series of political intrigues that reflect the tensions between different models of governance, ranging from personalistic tyranny to populism.
The character of Semiramis is especially interesting, as her government is driven by an excessive passion for power and a tyrannical exercise thereof. In contrast, Ninias, her son, represents a model of imprudent and negligent governance, leading the country to political and social instability.
Calderón de la Barca uses the play to reflect on the inherent dangers of excesses in governance, especially when personal interests take precedence over collective well-being. Through the characters and their actions, the work examines the complexities and ethical implications of different models of leadership and governance, becoming a profound critique of the vices of power.
The scene of the first act introduces us to an atmosphere of expectation and conflict. Among salvos and music, a contrast is presented that reflects the political and emotional tensions of the work. The character of Tiresias, a priest dressed in long furs, adds an element of mystery and augury to the plot. His confusion and fear before the different sounds of war and love serve as an omen for the complex and tumultuous events that will unfold later on.
The Daughter of the Air is a complex and multifaceted work that explores power, legitimacy, and governance through intensely human characters. With its rich plot and depth of characters, Calderón de la Barca manages to offer a penetrating view of the dynamics of power and human ambition. His focus on the moral and ethical dilemmas of good governance makes this work a timeless text that resonates in any historical or political context.

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