The Constitution of Cuba and the municipal problem

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Francisco Carrera y Jústiz identified in The Constitution of Cuba and the Municipal Problem the problems of Cuban civil society from colonial times to the early twentieth century.
This essay begins by making an assessment of the European heritage —mainly Spanish and French— that was received on the island. Then, it advances until it reaches the relationships that were woven between the Hispanic legislative frameworks and the different Latin American constitutions.
Carrera places special emphasis on the role of the Cuban Constitution of 1901 in addressing the organization of local institutions, with certain success. Considers pernicious, two precedents that would render it useless and that are,

  • one, the still valid Spanish Municipal Law
  • and another, the bad influence that left, in the municipal order, the period of the American intervention.

Francisco Carrera quotes several of Spain’s most eminent politicians. And from them, he comments on the fundamental causes that make the Spanish Municipal Law an unacceptable legislative work:

  • In the first place, because it contains a scientific misconception regarding the municipality, since it considers it a mere organ of central power.
  • Secondly, because Spanish law is inspired by Napoleon’s centralizing system,

That he wanted to see the municipalities, only as mechanical means of government, without their own initiative, subordinated, in an almost military way, to the supreme executive power.
Using the same methodology, Carrera collects the opinions about American municipal institutions made by its own most reputable journalists. Thus, it explains the notorious failure of the Cuban municipal system and discredits the legacy of the American intervention on the island, in relation to the municipal organization of Cuba.

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