The Cojuelo Devil

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In El diablo cojuelo (The Cojuelo Devil),Luis Vélez de Guevara tells the story of a student, Don Cleofás Leandro Pérez Zambullo, who, fleeing from justice through the rooftops of Madrid—a mess of skirts in between—ends up in an attic. In a redoma left there he finds a devil taken prisoner by an astrologer. Freed by the student, the devil presents himself to him.
It is The Cojuelo Devil; lame for being the first to rebel against God, the first to fall, and therefore the one who bore the weight of all the devils who were cast out and fell upon him. In his curriculum and trade he defines himself as methodomentodo, flea of hell, gossip, entanglement and usury; Author of dances and celebrations are his doing.
The devil, grateful to Don Cleophas, helps him to escape—flying—from the garret. And, in passing, he opens the roofs of Madrid and discovers what lies beneath them. As the student learns the miseries, deceits, and unspoken truths of his fellow citizens.

They gave in Madrid, at the end of July, eleven o’clock at night, a diminished hour for the streets and, for the lack of the Moon, jurisdiction and round term of all owl and patarata of death requiebro . The Prado gasped cars on the last day of his walk, and in the baths of Manzanares the Adams and the Evas of the Court, scrubbed more of the sand than clean of the water, said the Ite, river is, when Don Cleofás Leandro Pérez Zambullo, hidalgo to four winds, hurricane knight and crossroads of surnames, novitiate gallant and student by profession, With a broquel and a sword, he learned to cat by the easel of a roof, fleeing from justice, which came to his reach by a rape that had not eaten or drunk him, that in the lawsuit of creditors of a maiden to use was graduated in the twenty-second place, pretending that the poor licentiate escotase only what so many had snacked; and as he requested to escape from the “stop in one son” (final sentence of the parish priest and order that does not revoke it if it is not the vicar Responso, judge of the afterlife), he did not hinder himself from the wing of the aforementioned roof, as if he had them, to the attic of another that was confining, northeast of a light that scarcely witched for it, star of the storm that ran, in whose attic he put his feet and mouth at the same time, greeting him as a port of such shipwrecks and leaving mocked the ministers of the grip and the honest thoughts of my lady Mrs. Tomasa de Bitigudiño, maiden chanflona who spent herself at night as a false room, who, in order to take effect her bellaquería, He had committed another stelionato more with the captain of the horsemen on the catter who ran the coasts of those roofs in their demand and returned running from the fact that they had escaped that swashbuckling ship that carried captive the honor of that lady mohatrera of maidens, who swore among themselves to take satisfaction of this slight in another innocent, A bunch of maiden lies, trusting in a mother she called an aunt, a league where so many foreign birds had fallen.

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