The civil discrepancy

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Illustrated paperback ISBN: 9788499536521

Since he started in journalism, when he was in his twenties, Jorge Mañach had a very positive assessment of that noble struggle of opinions that is the controversy. He conceived what he called The Civil Discrepancy as a pleasant talk, as a stimulating colloquium that allows to develop the ingenuity and contributes to exercise the opinions, by toning the best thought.
The germ of nonconformity, he argued, is necessary for the progress of ideas. That led him, on some occasions, to provoke discussion on topics that he considered pertinent and necessary to address, as was the case of the fraternal exchange about the Cuban novel that Rafael Suárez Solís and he maintained in the twenties.
He therefore had a hospitable attitude to all adverse opinions, as long as they greeted before entering. He thought that the civil and noble discrepancy of opinions must always be respected, because it is something proper to civilized people. He was relieved of the honorable and courteous polemics he had with intelligent interlocutors.
In that group I presume that there were those he held with Medardo Vitier, Manuel del Riego, José Vasconcelos. However, he had no qualms about responding to people who wrote to the newspaper in which he collaborated at the time, and he did so more than once.
This, despite knowing that controversies in journalistic media can be a fun spectacle for readers, but they rarely lead to the clarification of the truth and, instead, open a bitter vacuum between the contenders.
Of course, not all of them were ungrateful or idle, and some light and not a little cordial animation came out of them.
It must be regretted that journalism forced him on some occasions to descend to the stream. In this regard, it should be noted that he was aware that one should not deal with the bites in the letter of irresponsible people, or those who do not forgive that their genius is ignored.
In the same way, he knew that there is no small enemy, no slander of which there is no trace. That is why he responded to hostile attacks and judgments, even if this annoyed him and forced him to withdraw from more important and constructive tasks.

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