The Catilinarias

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The Catilinarias are twelve essays written by Juan Montalvo, a renowned Ecuadorian writer of the nineteenth century. They are a compendium of speeches and political essays that denounce corruption and social injustice in Ecuadorian society at the time.
The title of the work refers to Cicero’s Catilinarias, famous speeches in ancient Rome in which Cicero condemned Catiline, a conspirator and enemy of the state. Montalvo uses this parallel to denounce the corrupt and tyrannical leaders of his own time.
In Las Catilinarias, Montalvo fiercely criticizes Ecuadorian dictator Ignacio de Veintemilla, pointing out his incompetence, his lack of ethics, and his abuse of power. Through his satirical and provocative style, the author unmasks the vices and injustices of the political and social system, with the aim of awakening the conscience of readers and promoting reform and change.
The work is characterized by its vibrant and passionate language, as well as its rhetorical and polemical style. Montalvo uses satire, irony and scathing to denounce abuses of power and oppression, and to call for action and the struggle for justice and freedom.

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