The Cast Crown and Rod of Moses

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The Crown Knocked Down and Rod of Moses Forms is one of Lope de Vega’s religious plays inspired by the Bible. In The Crowned Down , the hero identifies more with the prototype of the brave civilian or soldier, capable of the most extraordinary feats, than with the figure of the patriarch and his permanent communication with God.
In The Crown Torn Down, as in other works of a religious nature, supernatural help is present in all the action. However, sometimes the patriarch also stumbles over his anger. An example of this is the scene in which Eliezer, the son of Moses, is kidnapped. Then he appears to Moses, on a cloud, sword in hand, ready to slit his throat because he has not circumcised him.


Day one

(Aran, father of Moses; Jezebel, his mother; Mary, maiden, his sister; Israelites with a tiny child and a basket of wickers.)

Mary: Be quiet, beautiful maiden:
do not display your mute voice;
that ye are the son of Israel
And there’s the naked sword
and raised the cruel arm.
If you cry. and some feel you,
You must lose your life.

Aran: Come the beautiful innocent
that today delivered must be
to a tiger to feed him.
On a dark mountain
to the beasts I will put;
that there will be no beast so hard
that your breast does not give you
seeing in him such beauty.
Ponelde in that basket.

Mary: My brother here, sir?
To hear such amazes me!

Aran: It’s not much: you have love,
who is the father of the mancilla.
Put him, pious Mary,
and your brother’s life
of fortune trust.

Jezebel: What an inhuman step this is
Gifted garment of mine!
Where do they take you?
What did you deserve?
Live you, kill me.

Aran: Ea, commend it to God
and I clothed you with patience.

Jezebel: Little do you feel my cravings
and my sorrows move you little,
for I have hardly enjoyed you
Three months, and you’re gone.
What a narrow house he has made for you!
your father, beloved son!
See that you are very narrow.
Although it is my chest imprisoned,
You re-enter my chest.
Enter into it, if fear
the King makes you absent;
that in him you will be better,
for no mountain shall give you
Inn with more love.
And how silent you are!
Who could tell you,
My son, to what you are going!
See that you are going to die!
Well, how can you not hug me?

Fragment of the work

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