The bizarres of Belisa

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Las bizarrías de Belisa (1634) was the last dated comedy by the celebrated and prolific Spanish author Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio.
The Bizarres of Belisa narrates the vicissitudes of Belisa a young “bizarre”, that is, gallant, presumptuous and elegant at the same time. Belisa fights against the beautiful Lucinda to take away her beloved Don Juan de Cardona.
The war is carried out with subtleties and ingenuity so that the conflict between the two ladies is skillfully concealed behind the sumptuous and elegant curtain of the courtly life of Madrid in the time of Philip IV.

Day one

(Belisa comes out in a full dress of gallant mourning, black flowers in her hair, gloves of black and Walloon silk, and Finaa.)

Finea: Is that how you tear the paper?

Belisa: Cansame the count, Finea.

Finea: What ingratitude!

Belisa: Let it be
He sends me Love.

Finea: Fire in it,
which I think is not so varied
In their removals the wind.

Belisa: Navigate my thought
in the opposite direction.
He punished my will
the sky.

Finea: I don’t know if I say
that justly punishes,
Madam, your freedom.
So much despise lovers,
so much discard husbands,
so much to do of the ears
diamond clusters,
Of course, they had to give
[esa] occasion to Love
to avenge your rigor.

Belisa: He has taken revenge.

Finea: Oh how well thou hast avenged them!
With wanting agora well
to whom, you don’t even know whom,
nor does he care for you!
Your disdains with reason
agora saying they are:
“What became of King don Juan?
The Infantes of Aragon,
What did they do?”

Belisa: Don’t brag
that of this move I am
repentant, although I give
water to the sea, to the wind feathers;
Because I have the memory
of this foolish love so full,
that I judge little the penalty
for such immense glory.

Finea Yes.

Belisa Well, I want to talk to you
with more space afterwards;
Look who he is.

Finea Celia is,
who has come to visit you.

(Vase.) [Sale Celia]

Celia Prosper your life heaven.

Belisa I don’t know, Celia, if she wants to.
Have that taste already.

Celia Already the novelty suspicion;
They told me they had
seen in mourning on the Street
Older although gala and size
The cause contradicted each other.
And I find that it’s all true.
but so much bizarre
It’s not sadness.

Belisa Celia mía,

Celia Who?

Belisa My freedom.

Celia It is impossible that in you
disdain has been lacking.

Belisa Isn’t it missing to love well?

Celia Do you want well?

Belisa Me.

Celia You?

Belisa Yes.
My rigors have ceased.

Celia Veré first seeded
of stars of the sky the meadow,
and the sky of grass and flowers,
and exchanged the natural
efeto veré también
to envy say well,
and to virtue to speak evil;
I’ll see award-winning science
and to despondent ignorance
which is truth well heard
and that flattery angers,
and the greater impossible
to give honor to the one who is without it,
who believes, Belisa bella,
that you can have love.

Fragment of the work

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