The Bewitched Quantity

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The Bewitched Quantity is a collection of essays by renowned Cuban poet and novelist José Lezama Lima. This work not only demonstrates Lezama Lima’s deep understanding of art and literature, but also provides a detailed exploration of his unique poetic system and his concept of “imaginary eras.”
The Bewitched Quantity essays address a variety of topics and highlight the author’s diverse body of knowledge. The essays included here are:

  • “Garcilaso’s secret”
  • “Colloquium with Juan Ramón Jiménez”
  • “Julian del Casal”
  • “About Paul Valéry”
  • “The medieval imagination of Chesteton”
  • “The possible images”
  • “Servant of Don Luis de Góngora”
  • “Exams”
  • “Interviewed”

Each of these essays offers a distinct perspective on literary theory, cultural criticism, or historical analysis, demonstrating the depth and breadth of Lezama Lima’s intellect.
In La cantidad hechizada, Lezama Lima approaches Latin American literature from its innovative and critical perspective. He combines his vast literary knowledge with his undeniable talent for poetry, producing analyses that are as informative as they are aesthetically captivating.
Throughout the work, Lezama Lima immerses himself in a variety of topics, from the evolution of literature and its varied styles to the subtleties of poetic composition. His unique approach and insight into literature stand out in his detailed analyses and in the way he handles each topic.
A notable feature of The Bewitched Quantity is how Lezama Lima explains his own poetic system and his idea of “imaginary eras.” These are the author’s conceptualizations of historical and cultural periods that are not defined by specific dates or events, but by shifts in collective imagination and consciousness. This concept is an integral element of Lezama Lima’s thinking and offers a new dimension to understanding his poetry and prose.
By reading The Bewitched Quantity, readers gain valuable insight into the mind of Lezama Lima. The work reveals his conception of art and literature and his place within these fields. Their often innovative interpretations and analyses provide novel ways of understanding and appreciating literature.
As a testament to Lezama Lima’s love of literature and her ability to explore it in ways that make it accessible and exciting to readers, The Bewitched Quantity is indispensable for both literature lovers and those interested in literary criticism.
For a more complete understanding of The Bewitched Quantity, it is recommended to read the book directly or consult academic analyses that delve into the content and ideas of the work.

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