The Battle of the Arapiles

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The Battle of the Arapiles is the tenth and final novel in the first series of the National Episodes by Benito Pérez Galdós.
It narrates the victory of the allied troops (Spain, England and Portugal) over the Napoleonic armies in the Battle of the Arapiles, near Salamanca, a fact that meant a change of course of great relevance in the evolution of the War of Independence between Spain and France.
In this installment, the protagonist Gabriel de Araceli joins the army that is in Extremadura, because here he has been informed by the Countess Amaranta that Inés is.
An important part of the novel stars Miss Fly, a young and adventurous Englishwoman with whom Gabriel shares and develops some of the chapters. Our hero, who has a great performance in battle, explains the decisive intervention of the allies England and Portugal, who led by the English Lord Wellington, and together with the Spanish army, reduced and pushed back the Imperial army of Napoleon.
Although the War of Independence did not end with this great victory, it was the beginning of the end. The romantic outcome of the play tells us how Gabriel and Inés, together with the Countess Amaranta, return and settle in Madrid, happily closing their story and, with it, the first series of the National Episodes.

Reference edition: Madrid, Imprenta y Litografía de La Guirnalda, 1878.

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