The Araucana

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Alonso de Ercilla’s American experience inspired his epic poem La Araucana, written in real octaves and divided into three parts (1569, 1578 and 1589).
La Araucana is one of the books that are saved in chapter VI of Don Quixote. The first European poetic text in which America is a literary theme.
Ercilla recounts the bloody struggles held in Chile between Araucanians and Spaniards, and describes the place and customs of the Indians.
The narrative impresses with the precise description of landscapes and battles, and the accurate portraits of the Araucanian chiefs. Digressions are interspersed, according to a usual procedure in cultured lyrics. Accounts of the battles of Lepanto and San Quentin are included. Famous cities, the legend of Dido or a political justification of Philip II’s claims to the Portuguese crown are described.
Although Ercilla claims to witness the scenes she tells. The historical account often shows the influence of the epic readings of the author, with literary training. The play has several protagonists, Lautaro and Caupolicán among the Araucanian Indians. While Pedro de Valdivia, García Hurtado de Mendoza, Pedro de Villagra or Ercilla himself are the characters on the Spanish side.
However, more individual and heroic prominence is given to the former, and their virtues are highlighted above their adversaries.
The work was written in three installments that were published ten years apart each. Linkgua Ediciones offers the reader a volume for each of the deliveries.
This first volume covers the period from 1536 to 1543 and includes the expeditions of Almagro and Valdivia and the great offensive on the fort of Tucapel by the Mapuche. That moment is reflected in songs I and II of the epic. They, in addition, exquisitely describe the province of Chile before the arrival of the Spaniards and the trips indicated above.

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