Tales of death and blood

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In Tales of death and blood. Followed by grotesque adventures and a Christian trilogy Ricardo Güiraldes brings together stark stories, of an intensity that anticipates the best texts of the American crime novel.
Although this title recalls one of the classics of Latin American short fiction, Cuentos de amor de locura y de muerte (1917) by Uruguayan Horacio Quiroga, the Argentine’s book did not suffer the same fate.
Tales of Death and Blood was a resounding failure, only managing to sell seven copies in one year. This editorial failure and the multiple criticisms led Güiraldes himself to renounce this work. If the success of his novel Don Segundo Sombra is added to the previous fact, it is not surprising that the story has been totally eclipsed by the novel, generating a silence in turn within literary criticism.

After the hardships of the journey, he fell to camp on a sharp winter night.
He was an unconscious man of twenty years, perhaps the project of a caudillo; impetuous, fearless, and insolent before all authority. Of these men were born daily at that time in charge after eliminating each other, clearing the field to the ambition of the strongest.
Appearing to the boss, he showed the letter of introduction. Cordial memories of family friendship exchanged and Quiroga received his new assistant with the hospitality of a true gaucho.
After dinner, when the primer assistant came and went, the little brat, remembered things about his citizen life. Outrages and bloody buffoonery, which applauded with head shakes the Tiger patilludo. He also told how he filled himself with silver thanks to his ability to trap in the bush.
The Tiger suddenly looked hostile:
“He will play with sonsos!
Insolent, the brat replied:
“Not always, General… And to prove him, he would play a game to cheat clean.
Quiroga agreed.
The cards obeyed docilely, and the Tiger lost without catching foul. In his glory, the young man kissed from time to time the neck of a dividing joint, and did not forget joke, between the bright phrases of shuffling.
Unexpectedly, Quiroga stood up.
“Well, buddy, he’s won me everything.
Just the waiter looked at the heap, flaky, of strong weights, that silvered in front of him.
The general was retreating.
Then, a horrible terror shattered the audacity of the winner. The brutal legends ensoberbecó the stamp, hirsute, of the hairy.
“General, I give you revenge!
“Go, friend, go, I could lose what I gain and something on top …
“It doesn’t make you, General, it’s only fair that you also carve.
“Do you insist?”
“How is it to be?”
His jaws chattered with fear.
Quiroga rolled up his sleeves, which snapped between his rough fingers.
“Well, my stirrups against a hundred pesos!
And he ordered the assistant to bring the garments.

Fragment of the work

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