Sweet and Tasty

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ISBN ebook: 9788499530703
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Sweet and Tasty (Dulce y sabrosa) is a novel written by Jacinto Octavio Picón and published in 1891, at a time when the naturalist literary movement in Spain was in decline. Although the work distances itself from naturalism, it approaches the gallant narrative of the twentieth century. Picón uses literary devices without ideological prejudices, allowing him to explore the literature of sensuality that was emerging and ready to fill the space left by naturalistic thought.
In Sweet and Tasty, Picón departs from the more deterministic and scientific approaches of naturalism to enter a narrative that explores sensuality and human emotions. The novel immerses the reader in the passion, love and desires of the main characters: Don Juan de Todellas, a gentleman from Madrid whose greatest hobby is to court as many women as possible, leaving them surrendered at his feet and then abandoning them; and Cristeta Moreruela, a young stage actress who is abandoned by letter after having passionately loved don Juan for two months. Disillusioned, Cristeta hatches a plan to win back don Juan’s love.
Picón’s ability to portray feelings and emotions vividly and evocatively stands out in this work. Through carefully crafted prose, the author immerses the reader in a world of sensations and invites him to reflect on human nature and the complexities of love relationships.

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