The Vessel of Choice of Saint Paul

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The Vessel of Choice of Saint Paul by Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio is a theatrical representation of the transformation of Saul of Tarsus into the Apostle Saint Paul. Set in a biblical context, this work explores not only a significant individual change but also the ethical and spiritual dilemmas faced by the characters.
The play is organized into three acts, corresponding to the acts in classical Spanish theater. It begins with Christ’s revelation to Saul on the road to Damascus, an event that radically changes Saul’s life and purpose. Throughout the play, various episodes narrate the initial resistance and eventual acceptance of his calling to be a disciple of Christ.
Themes of conversion, redemption, and faith mark the text, with a particular emphasis on internal transformation and the power of forgiveness. Lope de Vega uses these elements to explore the tension between the old Jewish law and the new Christian faith.
Lope de Vega is known for his ability to combine poetic language with dramatic intensity. In this work, he uses rich dialogues and symbolism to delve into the internal and external conflicts of the characters.
The Vessel of Choice of Saint Paul is both a study on the historical and religious figure of Saint Paul and a meditation on the nature of faith and the transformative power of Christianity. This work remains relevant for scholars of the Spanish Golden Age and those interested in literary representations of biblical figures.

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