Spring Sonata

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“The eyes and ears come together in the same enjoyment, and the crass path of musical numbers is subdued in the ether of light.”

Undoubtedly, for Ramón del Valle-Inclán the most beautiful things created by men are for the eyes and ears. Therefore, the soul expressed by the lyrics belongs to music. Sonatas, is the effort of Valle-Inclán to achieve a rhythmic prose, the will that his prose is as close as possible to the music.
In Spring Sonata the choice of each word is not reduced only to the intellectual or sentimental charge. More important are the sound associations that this word arouses in the text and the relationship it establishes with the rest.
The Sonatas represent the peak of the art of Valle-Inclán in its modernist stage. They are four short novels but with internal relationships that make them a unitary work:

  • Autumn Sonata, 1902,
  • Summer Sonata, 1903,
  • Spring Sonata, 1904
  • and Winter Sonata, 1905.

The Sonatas tell the fictional memories of the Marquis of Bradomín, an alter ego of Valle-Inclán himself who defines himself with those famous epithets of “ugly, Catholic and sentimental”.
In each of the sonatas the Marquis recalls with nostalgia different stages of his life. The sonatas happen in turn in places and a social environment that the writer shows to know very well.
In Spring Sonata he introduces us to a young protagonist, who serves as a messenger from the Vatican. He is then sent to the Gaetani Palace, where he will try to conquer the princess’s eldest daughter, Maria del Rosario, who is about to take the habits. She takes him for the devil and runs away from him.
Love, Satanism, faith and death are the main themes that Valle-Inclán has addressed in this book.

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