Spiritual Guide

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The Spiritual Guide was denounced by Cardinal D’Estrées, ambassador in Rome of the King of France Louis XIV and former friend of Miguel de Molinos.
After the denunciation, Molinos was imprisoned along with some of his disciples on July 18, 1685. He was tried “for immorality and heterodoxy” and sentenced in 1687 to life imprisonment, always dressed in a penitential habit. He had to recite the Creed and a third of the Rosary, and go to confession four times a year.
Molinos abjured his doctrine in the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva on September 13, 1687.
The Spirit Guide was translated into Latin, French, Dutch, Italian, German, and English. In fifteen years there were twenty editions in various languages.
In this guide, Miguel de Molinos formulates the fundamental principles of quietism. He preaches passivity in the spiritual and mystical life as the greatest of the virtues of the contemplative life.
It had repercussions especially in Italy, where cardinals such as

  • Casanata,
  • Carpegna,
  • Azzolini
  • and D’Estrées himself befriended Molinos,
  • and others like Coloredi,
  • Ciceri
  • and Petrucci, bishop of Jesi, took up his ideas;
  • even Pope Innocent XI himself thought of making him a cardinal.

In France, François Lacombe, Madame Jeanne Guyon y Fénelon, spread quietism, supporting his doctrines on divine love.

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