Sonnets by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza

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Diego Hurtado de Mendoza’s Sonnets of his many travels, his long and fruitful life. Hurtado de Mendoza died in Madrid, his native city. Like other nobles of his time, he was a true Renaissance man. He knew Greek, Latin, Arabic and Italian. He was a diplomat, military man and, above all, a poet.
His ancestors include the Marquis of Santillana, Íñigo López de Mendoza. Among his virtues, his exceptional people skills, his art of conversation, his frank and open character and his skill with weapons stand out.
He had a brilliant career as a diplomat. He was ambassador to Italy and attended the famous Council of Trent. He was also governor in Siena.
Diego Hurtado de Mendoza is considered a great poet for his Sonnets. His work is full of emotion and simplicity, beyond his ostentatious mastery of the sonnet as a literary form.


Gentle solitude, mute joy,
that you see no chastisement, nor weep for offenses,
second room of the auroras;
of truth first company.

Afternoon sought peace of my soul, 5
that the vain restlessness of the world ignores,
where ambition does not steal the hours,
and the whole day is born for man.

Blessed art thou, who never gives vengeance,
nor from the palace do you see, with your own damage, 10
the offended truth of the move,

the tasty lie of deception,
the sweet disease of hope,
the heavy health of disappointment!

Bloody doom, tyrannical yoke,
cruel war, origin and daring
of the unjust first tyranny
who put scepter in mighty hand.

Barbarian law, so vainly murmured, 5
to help from death to death
as if it cost us just the day,
as if we had a surplus of human beings.

But though more, O war, thou art blamed,
is greater than that of easy cravings 10
in a beautiful field of armed beauty;

I don’t want love, I want to give anger
to the harsh violence of a sword,
than to the soft pride of a pair of eyes.

Fragment of the work

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