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ISBN hardcover: 9788490071861

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The style and features of the Polyphemus are also present, if not intensified, in the Solitudes. This poem by Luis de Góngora is written in silvas, a form more appropriate than the octaves for the syntactic and formal complexity of the new gongorina poetry.
It is structured in four cantos (first to fourth solitude), associated with four scenographic units:

  • that of the nomadic goatherds and mountain hunters,
  • that of a peasant village,
  • that of fishermen who inhabit an island
  • and that of a feudal lordship, with its castle and its nobles practicing falconry.

The narrative start alludes to a pilgrim who arrives at a village of shepherds who give him shelter, and from there he goes through different landscapes where he finds the characters and communities described above.
The background of the poem is based on multiple allusions. One would be the reflection of the passage from the Renaissance world of truth to another represented by chaos or confusion regarding destiny (the dark and complex Baroque).
Another alludes more directly to the situation of vertiginous loss of global influence that Spain was experiencing.
Another would exemplify the disappointment of Góngora himself with respect to the Court and the Spanish political destiny, and another would to the situation of the individual faced with a world in crisis where vanity dominates.
In this Gongorino disappointment the author feels exiled and seeks his own individual change to counteract the disaster (an attitude that seems to be related to an Epicurean return to worldly simplicity and harmony).

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