Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz

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Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz is a play, written in 1876. The life and personality of the Mexican poet and the context in which she wrote her work are staged. In addition to exemplifying the period of romanticism in Mexico, to which the author belonged, it allows to contextualize the life of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.
José Rosas Moreno, 19th century writer from Guadalajara. He was a student at the San Gregorio School, liberal journalist, congressman and author of stories known as Mexican fables. This biographical work has a national perspective. The author describes the author as a woman with an iron will, a glory of Mexican literature.

Day one

Scene I

Epoch, 17th century, reign of Philip IV

Antechamber in the palace of the viceroys of Mexico: gallery in the back; tables with writing tablets in the first and second terms. It is nighttime.

(Don Diego and Isabel in the gallery. Juana Inés, writing near the proscenium).

Diego: Save the sky for us, Isabel.

Isabel: I was looking for you with great enthusiasm.

Diego: It pleases me very much, by my faith,
to see you serve me faithfully;
and it shall not weigh you down, how ungrateful, 5
God lives, I never went.

Isabel: I know.

Diego: Did you comply?

Isabel: Here
you have, sir, the portrait.

(He gives it to her.)

Diego: Ah, finally….

Isabel: That joy
that reveals your love, 10
is my biggest apology…
I didn’t want to steal it.

Diego: Her beauty is extreme!

(Contemplating the portrait.)

Isabel: Great was my audacity;
if you suspect your intent 15
the viceroy…

Diego: Of his greatness
I don’t care,
that in their long hunts
is engrossed for many days.

Isabel: They say he is in love. 20

Diego: Of some wild beauty?

Isabel: I can’t, I can’t, by faith;
but Ginés, the page boy,
refers that in the thicket
of the forest, dying on the 25th
the viceroy speaks, and in his yearning
sighs and contemplates the sky
with sad melancholy.

Fragment of the work

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