Santa Rosa of Peru

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Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788498160475

In this piece Agustín Moreto y Cabaña tells the story of Santa Rosa del Perú, who dressed in 1606 the habit of Dominican Tertiary and secluded himself in a cabin. He wore on his head a silver ribbon, the inside of which was a crown of thorns. Her love for God was so ardent that when she spoke of Him, she would change the tone of her voice and her face would light up. For fifteen years he suffered persecution from his friends and acquaintances, while his soul was plunged into the deepest spiritual desolation. The devil bothered her with violent temptations and the only advice that those he consulted knew how to give him was to eat and rest. Later, a commission of priests and doctors examined her and ruled that her experiences were supernatural.
The Santa Rosa of Peru spent the last three years of her life in the house of Don Gonzalo de Massa, whose wife was particularly fond of her. During the illness that preceded his death, he prayed:

“Lord, increase my sufferings, but increase my love in equal measure.”

He died on August 24, 1617, at the age of thirty-one.

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