Sancho Panza on the Barataria island

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490070475
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411260237

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Sancho Panza in the Barataria island collects the scenes in which Sancho Panza dreams of exercising a good government. We want readers to have one or more chapters of Don Quixote that are useful for themselves to better understand this great novel.
In the case of the Barataria Island, Sancho stands out for his honesty when judging the disputes between the inhabitants of the population of which, through a deception, they make him believe that he governs. Once again Sancho and Don Quixote are torn between the fiction of deception, delirium and their good wills.
The following are the chapters contained in this edition:

  • Chapter XLV. How the great Sancho Panza took possession of his island, and how he began to rule
  • Chapter XLVI. Of the fearful horror of the cow and cat that Don Quixote received in the speech of the loves of the lover Altisidora
  • Chapter XLVII. Where it is continued how Sancho Panza behaved in his government
  • Chapter XLVIII. Of what happened to Don Quixote with Doña Rodríguez, the owner of the Duchess, with other events worthy of writing and eternal memory
  • Chapter XLIX. Of what happened to Sancho Panza hovering around his insula
  • Chapter L. Where it is declared who were the charmers and executioners who whipped the owner and pinched and scratched Don Quixote, with the success of the page that took the letter to Teresa Sancha, wife of Sancho Panza
  • Chapter LI. Of the progress of the government of Sancho Panza, with other events such as good
  • Chapter LII. Where the adventure of the second owner Dolorida, or Angustiada, called by another name Doña Rodríguez is told
  • Chapter LIII. Of the tired end and finish that had the government of Sancho Panza
  • Chapter LIV. That deals with things concerning this story and not any other

“O perpetual discoverer of the antipodes, axe of the world, eye of heaven, sweet wiggle of the canteens, Timbrio here, Phoebus there, shooter here, doctor acullá, father of poetry, inventor of music, you who always go out and although it seems so, you never wear! To you I say, or Sun, with whose help man begets man!: to you I say that you favor me and illuminate the darkness of my wit, that I may run through its points in the narrative of the government of the great Sancho Panza; that, without you, I feel lukewarm, disheveled and confused.
I say, then, that with all his accompaniment Sancho arrived at a place of up to a thousand neighbors, which was one of the best that the Duke had. They told him to understand that it was called the Barataria island, or because the place was called Baratario, or because of the cheap one with which the government had given it. When he arrived at the gates of the village, which was fenced, the village regiment went out to receive him; They rang the bells, and all the neighbors showed signs of general joy, and with much pomp they took him to the main church to give thanks to God, and then with some ridiculous ceremonies they gave him the keys of the town and admitted him for perpetual governor of the Barataria island. The suit, the beards, the fatness and smallness of the new governor had admired all the people that the busilis of the story did not know, and brings together all those who did, which were many. Finally in taking him out of the church they took him to the chair of the court, and sat him in it, and the butler of the duke said to him: It is an ancient custom in this island, lord governor, that he who comes to take possession of this famous island is obliged to answer a question put to him, which is somewhat intricate and difficult; from whose answer the people take and touch the pulse of the ingenuity of their new governor, and thus either rejoice or grieve at his coming.”

Fragment of the work

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