The Holy Juana III

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The trilogy of The Holy Juana (La santa Juana) by Tirso de Molina offers a deep exploration of the life of Saint Juana, tracing her journey from an initial conflict between the profane and the religious to an almost epiphanic vision of earthly matters. In addition to its hagiographic focus, the work also delves into a historical and worldly context, highlighting figures such as Emperor Charles V.
In the first act of this third part of the series, we encounter a dialogue between Don Luis and César that immerses us in the complexities of love and trust. The two characters seem to be engaged in a kind of verbal duel, in which each tries to outsmart the other in cunning and understanding. César seeks to justify his previous behavior towards Doña Inés, arguing that he has been “little less than a husband and much more than a lover.” However, Don Luis severely questions him, casting doubt on both César’s sincerity and discretion.
This dialogue is particularly revealing because it illustrates the complexities of human relationships within the broader framework of the work. Although the main theme is the life of Saint Juana and her spiritual struggle, Tirso de Molina does not skimp on showing us the wide range of human experiences, even those that are more mundane or earthly. Don Luis and César represent the moral and emotional dilemmas that often accompany romantic relationships, and their interaction serves as a counterpoint to the more spiritual dilemmas faced by Saint Juana.
The language used in this act is poetic and complex, reflecting the emotional and moral tensions that the characters experience. Tirso de Molina’s ability to weave themes of love, trust, and morality into a single act demonstrates his skill as a playwright.
Overall, The Holy Juana is a rich and multifaceted work that addresses a wide range of themes, from spirituality and holiness to the complexities of human love and betrayal. Its ability to handle these diverse themes within a single narrative framework makes it a valuable addition to the canon of Spanish theater and a work that remains relevant for contemporary readers and viewers.

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