The Holy Juana II

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The trilogy of The Holy Juana (La Santa Juana) is a masterpiece of hagiographic theater written by Tirso de Molina, one of the greatest playwrights of Spain’s Golden Age. The trilogy recounts the life of Saint Juana, from her initial conflict between her religious calling and the temptations of the secular world to an almost epiphanic vision of earthly matters. The work is also set in a historical and worldly context, highlighting figures such as Emperor Charles V.
In the first act, this second part introduces us to the Saint and the Angel, who engage in a celestial dialogue. The Angel calls her the “Beloved Spouse of the Eternal Monarch,” and the plot delves into the spiritual battle against heresies and blasphemies that ravage Europe. Figures like Luther are mentioned, and the actions of countries like Germany, England, Poland, Hungary, and France are criticized for straying from the path of Catholic faith.
The work is rich in symbolism and allegory, using the character of Saint Juana as a kind of mediator between the divine and the human. The Angel informs her that her tears and prayers have moved God, and this dialogue sets the tone for the rest of the work, which examines the tension between the celestial and the earthly.
The trilogy stands out for its focus on holiness as an achievable ideal and for its analysis of the moral and spiritual dilemmas faced by the characters. What truly distinguishes this work is its ability to situate these themes in a broader historical and social context. In doing so, Tirso de Molina not only examines the life of a saint but also offers a biting critique of the events of his time, particularly the rise of heresies and the apostasy of various nations.
The dialogues are imbued with intense emotion and theological complexity. The language is poetic and filled with symbolic imagery that reflects the internal and external tensions experienced by the characters. For example, the Angel uses the image of the “terrible dragon with seven heads” to describe the heresies that threaten the Catholic faith, a symbol that resonates strongly in the collective Christian imagination.
The Holy Juana is a profound work that addresses themes of faith, holiness, and moral dilemmas, all framed within a complex historical context. Its thematic richness, spiritual depth, and historical relevance make it an essential work in the canon of Spanish theater and in studies on the spirituality and history of the era.

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