Russia in 1931

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490078143
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411263368

Russia in 1931. Reflections at the foot of the Kremlin was published in Madrid that same year, and was a real publishing success. César Vallejo is presented to us as a perceptive and disinterested traveler, eager to understand the reality of daily life in Soviet society. This is what he states in this book:

“I don’t belong to any party. I am neither conservative nor liberal. Neither bourgeois nor Bolshevik. Neither nationalist nor socialist. Neither reactionary nor revolutionary. At least I have not made of my attitudes any permanent and definitive system of conduct. However, I have my passion, my enthusiasm and sincerity vital. I have an affirmative way of thinking and opinion, a function of positive judgment. It seems to me that, through what in my case could be conceptualized as intellectual anarchy, ideological chaos, with a tradition of incoherence of aptitudes, there is an organic and subterranean vital unity.

In these times, when interest in utopias and the fatigue of capitalism make us look for other political options, this book is an excellent starting point to think about what solutions exist to our crisis of values.
Here in sixteen chapters are studied topics as diverse as the cooperative economy and free love in the utopian communist society. There is an attempt to postulate a truth that opposes our present way of life.
Certain passages of Russia in 1931 today can be seen as naïve. However, if they are true, the equality indices or social measures described by Vallejo are exemplary examples of what democratic societies expect of themselves. Perhaps not to take Communism as a reference, but as a point of contrast with the system that prevails today.

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