Rienzi the Tribune

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Rienzi, the Tribune (Rienzi, el tribuno) by Rosario de Acuña y Villanueva, set in the context of 14th century Rome, represents a vigorous argument against tyranny and the fight for people’s freedom. Through its protagonist, Nicolás Rienzi, the last tribune of Rome, Acuña explores the complexities of leadership and personal sacrifice for the common good. The play dramatizes historical and personal events that intertwine to question power and authority, reflecting the influence of the romantic historicist theater of the era.
The reception of Rienzi, the Tribune is particularly notable because its author was one of the few women in 19th century Spain who managed to premiere a play at the prestigious Teatro Español in Madrid. This achievement underscores the exceptional nature of her literary talent and her ability to navigate and stand out in a male-dominated field.
The drama unfolds in a richly detailed setting, where each character and dialogue weave a social critique that, although anchored in the past, resonates with universal themes of justice and equity. Acuña’s work, performed at the Teatro del Circo in Madrid, not only achieved artistic recognition but also became a vehicle for discussing progressive ideas about society and government, demonstrating how theater can be both a mirror of reality and a catalyst for social change.

Act I
Capitol Room. To the viewer’s right, two doors that connect with the rooms of Rienzi and his wife; on the left a window in the foreground and in the second a door; large door in the background, table and seat on the left; Period furniture: two floating tapestries on the two canvases in the background. A book on the table.

Scene I
Mary, in the seat by the table, with a letter in her hand; Juana, next to him, sitting on a stool and doing a task; In the middle of the scene, dusk begins.

Maria: Slowly I read them and I still can’t conceive
What the lines of this letter say.
Sometimes it seems to me that I dream,
others I look at as horrible plot,
without the troubled thought
discover their intention or guess it;
And then,… by what means, in what way
Can I get to my own room?

(Reading.) ‘The Barons of Orsini and Colonna
“and other nobles of less clear lineage,
“with your husband Rienzi assembled,
“Peace will settle in your house;
»of the oath that on solemn feast
»to the great Tribune they will lend tomorrow,
»It is to be dealt with in this conciliabulum;
“But if in it the foundations are prepared,
“As long as they are not solemnly sworn to,
»Rienzi’s head threatened
“He must live; just one person
“With a firm will he can save her,
“Because perhaps the aforementioned oath
“It is not lent if one is missing;
»For this to be avoided it is necessary
»You consent to receive in your stay,
“On this very night, being alone
“And at the end of the touch of the souls,
»To whom I can say clearly
»the way to ward off so much misery;
»What’s more, great family secrets
“You may know, and perhaps your race,
»Rienzi managed to give him a crown
“Which his ambition could never dream of;
“Think about it, tomorrow late outside.
» If you accept, place in the window
“One light and then wait alone”
“Rienzi’s salvation or his misfortune;
“Aquesto says who has blazons;
“Do not forget, for you are Roman.”

(Stop reading. It’s starting to get dark.)

Without signature and with today’s date. ¡My god
What another new storm is brewing!

Juana: It’s a deep letter of intent
and in the style of nobles redacted.

Fragment of the work

Reference edition: Lyrical-Dramatic Administration, Madrid, 1876. José Rodríguez Press.

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