Report Against Idol Worshippers in the Yucatan Bishopric

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Illustrated paperback ISBN: 9788498169461
ISBN hardcover: 9788411266666
ISBN paperback: 9788496290679

Sánchez de Aguilar’s work Report Against Idol Worshippers in the Yucatan Bishopric (Informe contra los adoradores de ídolos del obispado de Yucatán), was written in 1613 and published in 1639. It is an excellent source of information on the extirpation of “idolatry”, as well as on the dispute over the exclusive right of the ecclesiastical class to judge and punish it.
Many of the concerns and attitudes expressed in the Report have their sources in other areas of the New World from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Although it focuses on the difficult task of eliminating ancient idolatrous practices in the Yucatan peninsula.
One of the most outstanding contributions of this work is that the author, in his relentless pursuit of the original rites, provides us with information of high ethnographic content about the peninsular Maya:

  • social structure,
  • authorities,
  • eating habits,
  • types of cultivation,
  • beliefs of all kinds that included the interpretation of dreams or any manifestation of nature.

In addition, eclipses, spells and sorceries are described, and the devotion of the indigenous people to Catholic saints and ceremonies is extolled.
In his Report Against Idol Worshippers in the Yucatan Bishopric Pedro Sánchez de Aguilar describes magical medicine practices. It also explains the roots of popular superstitions and beliefs. In Mexico, many of these have their origin in the Mayan culture. Sometimes they are even the result of the coexistence between the Mayan culture and that of the Spanish conquistadors.
The Report belongs to the literary tradition of the evangelization of the indigenous people. It investigates the ritual practices of the indigenous population of Yucatan.


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