Relation of a Voyage to the Río de la Plata

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490075883 Hardcover ISBN: 9788411266635

The Relation of a Voyage to the Río de la Plata is an account of the voyage of Acarette du Biscay, which appeared in London in 1698, and was then translated under the title Relation of the Voyages of Monsieur Ascárate du Biscay to the Río de la Plata.
Acarette du Biscay landed in Buenos Aires between March and April 1658. Biscay later traveled to Peru. His observations on these countries refer to the inhabitants, indigenous and Spanish, and to the cities, commerce, fertility and wealth.
This is also one of the first South American travel books by an author not born in Spain.

“The travelers who toured the current Argentine territory in colonial times, have earned a place in the knowledge of our history. You cannot do without their judgments, appreciations, reports or references, about the political, social, military or religious state at the time they visited the Río de la Plata. They offer in their stories colorful brushstrokes of colonial life. Some of them were linked to trade issues, where it is possible to know precise data on economic development; Others carried cassocks throughout almost the entire territory, engaged in catechization, but attentive to the general movement of society at the time, and they are not the least those who wandered attracted by metal deposits, conquered by the mountain beauty of the north, the snowy peaks of the west, the cold solitudes of the south or the unalterable and serene majesty of the pampas. None, it is good to emphasize, can be despised for their information.”

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