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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788411267762
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411260565

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In Papeles de Recienvenido, Macedonio Fernández intertwines metaphysics, humor, theory and novel. The very organization of this book makes this evident. Here we can find:

  • Letters
  • Greetings
  • Speeches
  • and chapters with no apparent continuity.

The irruption of the unusual divides discourse and temporal succession, until ideas become concrete objects, building a parallel universe.
Papeles de Recienvenir exposes a literary project that moves away from everything that involves description or imitation of the daily plots of life. To achieve the perpetuity of the work of art, Macedonio Fernández proposes to divest himself of the traditional precepts of realistic literature. That is why he is not interested in coherence in language, destabilizing artistic procedure and intellectual stability.
Macedonio Fernández (1874-1952). He was an Argentine writer, author of fantastic stories that show his skepticism about the practical application of philosophical theories.
His work was revalued after Jorge Luis Borges recognized in it the origins of his narrative. He was part of the “martinfierrista” group and influenced the narrative work of Leopoldo Marechal and the poetics of González Lanuza. The close friendly relationship he maintained with them was his favorite way of influencing their works.

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