Race Warfare

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788499535166
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411261319

In Race Warfare (Guerra de razas) Rafael Conte Mayolino and José María Capmany recount the events that occurred during the armed uprising of the Independents of color. Both authors were eyewitnesses to the military conflict that occurred in 1912 in Cuba. This short-lived civil war pitted black rebels against each other and the armies of Cuba and the United States.
The authors moved to the war zone in the east of the island. The action of the Cuban army, and the entry of the American marines put an end to the rebellion in a matter of weeks.
The final death toll of the conflict has been controversial. An estimated 3,000 to 6,000 rebels were killed. There were hardly any casualties among members of the Cuban Army and Marines.
In Race Warfare Conte Mayolino and Capmany defend the official position of the Cuban government. They state that:

“Moreover, the conflict is not new, nor does it obey (as some malicious people propagate) certain causes of local order. Caucasian Cubans and African Cubans fight each other for the same reasons that men of different origins have had to fight and exterminate each other since the world is world. It is the eternal problem: from the earliest times, the whole history of mankind has been reduced to a perpetual and relentless struggle of races. Cuba has not been able to evade the general law. And thank goodness that they were related ethnic groups, originating from the same mother race, because in this case it could be expected that over the centuries they would end up mixing and confusing, as the Germanic whites of Ataulf and Alaric were confused and mixed, with the Latin whites of the Roman provinces; but, being Caucasians and Ethiopians, mixing is impossible, since not even by means of continuous and scientific crossing, can the total disappearance of one of the two races be achieved for the benefit of the other.”

Rafael Conte Mayolino and José María Capmany

For them there is no other solution than the triumph of one race over the other. We have also published The Independents of Color. It is a work written by a descendant of a black veteran who was a member of the Independent Party of Color, which offers an opposite view of the facts.

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