Prose by Julián del Casal

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Illustrated paperback ISBN: 9788490071434
Hardcover ISBN: 9788411267052
Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788498163391

Published in the Cuban press of the nineteenth century (in La Habana Elegante, La Discusión and La Habana Literaria) the Prosas of Julián del Casal stand out for their reflective spirit, intellectual acuity and vocation of style.

“The port
A port is a charming asylum for a soul weary from life’s struggles. The breadth of the sky, the movable architecture of the clouds, the changing colorations of the sea; The twinkling of the headlights, are a wonderfully own prism to entertain the eyes without ever tiring them. The protruding shapes of the ships, of complicated rigging, to which the waves print harmonious oscillations, serve to entertain in the soul the taste of rhythm and beauty. And then, above all, there is a kind of mysterious and aristocratic pleasure, for those who have neither curiosity nor ambition, in contemplating lying on the viewpoint or elbows on the pier, the movements of those who depart and those who return, of those who still have the strength to love, the desire to travel or to enrich themselves.

This anthology of Prosas de Julián del Casal is a brief sample of the stories, articles and translations published by Casal and contains the following texts:

  • One hour in the morning
  • The dog and the jar
  • Which is the real one?
  • The funeral of a courtesan
  • The best perfume
  • Cold
  • The gauze veil
  • A Russian priest
  • The veil
  • Happiness and art
  • Ruben Dario. Blue and A. de Gilbert
  • Base ball in Cuba
  • Christmas Eve
  • Night and morning
  • Theatrical notes

Edited by Ángel Augier.

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