Prose by César Vallejo

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This edition of Prosas de César Vallejocontains his European chronicles. Those he wrote for the Spanish American press between the twenties and thirties.
During those decades he wrote passionately about the art of the Vanguards of the 20th century. His articles on cinema, cubist art, surrealism, music, the new theater, politics and the publishing industry stand out. We find his vision of the European avant-garde and the culture industry of the time of great interest.
Phenomena as present in today’s culture as the marketing of authors. Even the editors’ need to influence the opinion of the reading public is described here with honesty. Among the merits we can attribute to this book is its intimate and penetrating understanding of literature and its relationship to the culture industry.
We quote below one of the passages from César Vallejo’s Prosas in which the author denounces how the cultural industry of his time works:

“The publisher who wants to make a profit and round himself in a great literary peculation, chooses any writer -who lends himself to the cucaña, as the only condition- and, without stopping to see if he has aptitude or not, launches him into the world, reveals him and consecrates him at the point of money.
How? Paying to the pontiffs of the circulating critics, studies, essays and praises, which will be published and reproduced, always secretly paid, in a hundred French and foreign newspapers and magazines. Grasset, for example, launched Raymond Radiguet last year; a hundred thousand francs cost him the claim and he has imposed it. Radiguet has already been translated into German, Norwegian, English, Italian, Russian; Grasset has filled his bag and even Jean Cocteau, furious panegyrist of that godson, has eaten from there. How much will the Mercury of France have earned by launching and imposing with money Paul Fort, Guillaume Apollinaire, Francis Careo? La Nouvelle Revue Française How much will he have gained by imposing Gide, Riviére, etc.? The public, for its part, contributes to this traffic of celebrities and fortunes, with its indifference. In the past, the public, less urged by the circumstances of life and more spiritually leveled with the mentality of the writers, who, by the way, are becoming less accessible every day, exercised a certain control over the morality of the writer and his intrinsic value. Today readers are more easily duped than in any other era and blindly let themselves be carried away by what is said and what is shown before their eyes. ¿Le Figaro assures every day that Mr. Henry Bordeaux is a great novelist? Surely Mr. Bordeaux must be a great novelist?Le Journal assures you that Blasco Ibáñez is “the most universal novelist of our times”? Undoubtedly, it will…”

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