Prose by Amado Nervo

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José Amado Nervo, is best remembered for his poems, but also had an outstanding activity as a journalist. Pressed by the need to earn a living with the pen, he achieved considerable dissemination of his work through journalism. He began to practice from a young age writing articles for El Correo de la Tarde, was a contributor to the Azul Magazine, founded by Gutiérrez Nájera, and was also director of its successor, the Revista Moderna. His essays were published assiduously in newspapers such as El Mundo, La Revista de Revistas or La Nación de Buenos Aires.
Amado Nervo defended journalism as a vehicle of culture and recommended relying on the media as literacy tools for the huge masses without school and without access to levels of common welfare.
Prosas is a compilation of some of the many articles that Nervo published throughout his career as a journalist.


The year 1913 has been fertile for science.
Infinite inventions and infinite practical derivations of previous discoveries have come to greatly increase the human mental pool. However, the problem par excellence in which laboratory men have worked perhaps most fiercely, is that of the conquest of intra-atomic energy, “of that immense energy, capable of dislocating and breaking the indestructible balance that exists in the constituent electrons of the atom” and thanks to which the world would be redeemed. disappearing the inequalities of luck that force five-sixths of humanity to work tirelessly to produce what is necessary for a privileged sixth. Intra-atomic energy, the use of tides and the harnessing of solar heat, could alone do with excess all the sum of work that the world needs to live.
When scientific activity reaches the point where it is, everything suggests that it will overflow in countless applications. The discoveries will follow vertiginously. What we dreamed as distant will become habitual, without causing us any surprise, thanks to that wonderful faculty that we possess to adapt to everything.
The cinematograph, together with the phonograph, will reproduce life with its powerful and suggestive reality. Wireless telegraphy, which thanks to a tiny pocket receiver is already, for a few francs, available to everyone, and can serve as an antenna… even an umbrella, will put us in a position to suppress space; Remote vision will perhaps be a fact before the end of 1914. The airplane, for which Orvile Wright has found an admirable stabilizer, will reach unimagined improvements. The transmutation of matter (derived from the knowledge of atoms of which we spoke before), which has earned Ramsay successes full of a disturbing enigma, will soon surprise us with laboratory miracles. In short, everything leads us to believe that the year that has begun will open immense horizons for the human brain… But the mystery of what lies beyond those horizons will be as elusive, as limitless, as imposing as ever…

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