Political works of Juan Bautista Alberdi

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The political works of Juan Bautista Alberdi focus on limiting and controlling power. Believing that

“A free country cannot say that it exercises its liberty, except when it retains and retains in its hands the government of its government,”

Juan Bautista Alberdi designed a political order where executive power would only be in the hands of the law and the Constitution.
The president would not make the law alone, nor would he intervene in the judiciary or in the municipal administration. Among Alberdi’s political writings it is also worth noting his criticism of the statism of the colonial heritage, a great barrier, in his opinion, to the progress of Latin America.
Thus, in Why the author left his country, one of the essays that make up this anthology, Alberdi explains why he left Argentina:

“I left Buenos Aires out of hatred for his government, when his government was that of Rosas. Hating that government then meant loving Buenos Aires. At all times hatred of bad politics has meant love for the country, which was a victim of it. Belgrano and Rivadavia proved their love for the country by hating the government that had been that of their country itself until 1810.”

Alberdi puts us at the limits of individual sovereignty, and patriotic duty. It touches on a theme that later had enormous relevance in the history of Latin America: the confusion between patriotism and the power of tyrants.

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