Political reflections of Simón Bolívar

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Simón Bolívar exposed his political thought throughout his life full of speeches, proclamations and written documents.
Bolívar was not only a recognized military caudillo, but also an indisputable ideologue of the war of independence. His countless manifestos, proclamations, speeches and letters served as a model of revolutionary propaganda. This is how he lived the era of the ideas of the Enlightenment. He was an ardent reader of Montesquieu, Rousseau and Voltaire. He studied philosophy and politics. He soaked up the most democratic ideas and met the thinkers and organizers of a new epoch. He brought to America the new currents of European thought.
Among the texts of these Political Reflections of Simón Bolívar stands out his oath in Rome. A prophetic speech, whose objective was to manifest his deep personal commitment to the Spanish-American independence cause and which took place during his visit to the city of Rome:

“The civilization that has blown from the East, has shown here all its faces, has made all its elements visible; but as to solving the great problem of man in freedom, it seems that the matter has been unknown, and that the clearing of this mysterious mystery is to be verified only in the New World.
I swear before you; I swear by the God of my fathers; I swear by them; I swear by my honor, and I swear by my country, that I will not give rest to my arm, nor rest to my soul, until I have broken the chains that oppress us by the will of the Spanish power!”

Edited by Manuel Pérez Vila.

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