Poetic arts of Lope de Vega

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Artes poéticas de Lope de Vega is a compendium of observations and texts by Lope on poetry and its most widespread forms of his time. As with Arte nuevo de hacer comedias, the Spanish genius performs a rehearsal of the lyrics of his time.

To write Virgil of the bees, speaking with Maecenas, said: Admiranda tibi levium spectacula rerum.
If V.M. has passed my Angelica, this does not hurt, and so says the Tasso in his Poetics that humble things can be treated with great ornament, which responds to what I have written in Arcadia. This poem is neither heroic nor epic, nor does it touch the distinction of Poem and Poetry that Pliny puts. It is enough that what Tullius said of Anacreon suits him, that tota poesis amatoria est. Some take badly the poetic exornations against the advice of Bernardino Danielo, who does not want it to be used of low words, and really that is granted to comedians and satirists, as seen in Terence and Persius. To the Arcadia they object to the effect. That prose is poetic that, unlike the history, keeps its style as seen in the Sanazaro. And what is the difference between blue lilies and evergreen myrtles to this principle?
Sogliono il più delle gli alti e spaziosi alberi negli orridi monti dalla natura prodotti più che le coltivate piante, da dotte mani espurgati negli adorni, giardini a’riguandanti aggradare.
Here the Sanazaro puts “tall and spacious trees, hórridos montes, cultivated plants, learned hands and ornate gardens”. So there are almost as many epithets as there are words. For amplification is the most gallant figure in rhetoric, and it causes the most majesty to loose prayer. And epithets, why should they be pleonasms? The redundancy of words in prayer is vicious when they are idle and without any cause, as one who said: “He heard with his ears; he spoke with his mouth and saw with his eyes”, as condemned in Petrarch the Daniello when he said:

It Virgil and Omero birdswithout seen
Quel sole, il qual veggo io con ogli occhi miei.

Fragment of the work

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