Poems of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

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Illustrated paperback ISBN: 9788498162370
Hardcover ISBN: 9788498974690

Within the literary career of Sor Juana Inés, the poetic dimension stands out. Some of his poems are well known and celebrated perhaps for their metrical simplicity and for their colloquial and direct style, easy to understand compared to other much more complex poems of philosophical, theological and mythological themes.
It should always be noted that Sor Juana Inés was a great sonnetist, among her sonnets we can find a variety of subjects:

  • Philosophical
  • Moral
  • historical-mythological,
  • satirical-burlesque,
  • Loving
  • and discretion, such as the sacred poems that make up a special part of his poetic corpus.

This anthology of Poems of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz includes sonnets, rendondillas, romances, endechas. The opinion that follows is one more, as it could not be less, between the reactions to the innovative force and the manifestation of a feminine literary will of Sor Juana. This is how he was judged in life and then for centuries to come. Perhaps because his poetic spirit could only be valued in its splendor in the twentieth century. Let’s see how Marcelino Menéndez y Pelayo exemplifies the prejudices aroused by Sor Juana’s talent:

«It does not seem great praise for Sister Juana to declare her superior to all the poets of the reign of Charles II, a time certainly unhappy for pleasant letters, although it was not so much, nor by far, for other branches of our culture. But whatever it’s worth, no one can deny him that palm in the lyrical, just as Bances Candamo must be granted it among the dramatic and Solís among the prose writers.»

Marcelino Menéndez y Pelayo

I. Try to deny praise
that to a portrait of the poetess inscribed the truth,
what he calls passion

This one you see, colorful deception,
that, of the art held by the cousins,
with false colored syllogisms
it is cautious deception of meaning;

this one in whom flattery has pretended 5
Excuse the horrors of the years
and overcoming the rigors of time
Triumph of old age and oblivion:

it is a vain artifice of care;
it is a delicate flower in the wind; 10
it is a useless shelter for the fairy;

it is a foolish erroneous diligence;
It is an outdated eagerness, and, well looked,
It’s corpse, it’s dust, it’s shadow, it’s nothing.

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