Poems by José Zorrilla

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The Poems of José Zorrilla are the highest expression of the Spanish romantic movement. Zorrilla’s genius as a poet of his time is evident in the fluidity and musicality of his verses and in his themes inspired by popular medieval and imperial legends. He excelled more in the epic, with long narrative poems such as the well-known A buen juez mejor testigo inspired by the Toledan legend of the Cristo de la Vega.
In 1882 Zorrilla was admitted to the Royal Spanish Academy, and in 1889 he was recognized in Granada as a National Poet.

Running through the vega

Running through the vega
at the gates of Granada
up to forty gomels
and the captain who commands them.
Entering the city,
stopping his white mare,
he said to a woman
who wept in her arms:
“Wipe away the tears, Christian
don’t torment me like this,
that I have, my sultana,
a new Eden for you.
I have a palace in Granada,
I have gardens and flowers,
I have a golden fountain
with more than one hundred pumps,
and in the fertile lowlands of the Genil
I have a brown fortress,
who will be queen among a thousand
when it encloses your beauty.
And on a whole shore
I extend my lordship;
neither in Cordoba nor in Seville
there is a park like mine.
There the haughty palm tree
and pomegranate ignition,
by the leafy fig tree,
cover the valley and hill.
There the sturdy walnut tree,
there the yellow nópalo,
there the somber morale
grow at the foot of the castle.
And elms I have in my alameda
that rise up to the sky
and in nets of silver and silk
I have birds that sing.
And you are my sultana,
how deserted my halls
are, my harem without women,
my ears without songs.
I will give you velvets
and oriental perfumes;
from Greece I will bring you veils
and Kashmir shawls.
And give you white feathers
to adorn your forehead,
whiter than foam
of our Eastern seas.
And hair pearls,
and baths for the heat,
and necklaces;
for the lips… love!”
“What are your riches worth to me
-replied the Christian woman,
if you take my father away from me,
my friends and my ladies?
Turn me back, turn me back, Moor
my father and my homeland,
that my towers of Leon
are worth more than your Pomegranate.”
The Moor listened to her in peace,
and groping his beard,
he said as if meditating,
a tear on the cheek:
“If your best castles
our gardens are,
and your flowers are more beautiful,
for being yours, in León,
and you gave your loves
to one of your warriors,
Eden’s hurí, don’t cry;
go with your knights.”
And giving him his horse
and half of its guard,
the captain of the Moors
silently turned his back.

Fragment of the work

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