Poems by José Rizal

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Poemas is an anthology of the best and most representative poems by José Rizal. Here you can see the three stages of Rizal’s lyrical voice.
His best-known work of the early period is “To the Philippine Youth,” a hymn to youth as hope of the motherland, a recurring theme in Rizal’s work and thought.
From the intermediate stage of his poetic work we can highlight “Me piden versos”, written in October 1882. His poetry at this stage reflected his longing for his native country. Another of his best exponents is the poem entitled “To the flowers of Heidelberg”, which he wrote in Germany in 1886, when he saw the first spring flowers.
Most of Rizal’s mature poetry was composed during the years of his exile in Dapitan between 1892 and 1896.
One of his most notable poems of that time of exile is the “Canto del viajero”, where he expressed his most gloomy feelings. From 1895 was “My retirement” which, according to tradition, was composed on some rock formations on the sea on his estate in Dapitán. This serene poem is dedicated to his mother.
However, the best known and most appreciated of José Rizal’s poems was the last one he wrote. This work, without autograph signature or date, and without the author’s title, is now known as “My Last Farewell” and is believed to have been written on the eve of his execution, on December 29, 1896.
This long poem of fourteen quintillas expresses the author’s love for his homeland and is already part of the history of the Philippines.

My last goodbye

Farewell, adored homeland, region of the dear Sun,
Pearl of the Orient Sea, our lost Eden!
To give you I will cheerful the sad musty life,
And it was brighter, fresher, fresher, more flowery,
I would also give it for you, give it for your sake.
On battlefields, fighting with delirium
Others give you their lives without doubt, without regret
The site does not matter, cypress, laurel or lily,
Scaffold or open field, combat or cruel martyrdom,
The same is true if the Homeland and the home ask for it.
I die when I see the sky color
And at last he announces the day after gloomy hood,
If grana need to dye your aurora,
Pour my blood, melt it in good time
And give it a reflection of its nascent light
My dreams when I was just a teenage boy,
My dreams when young and full of vigor,
They were to see you one day, jewel of the East Sea
Dry black eyes, high smooth brow,
No frown, no wrinkles, no blush spots.
Dream of my life, ardent longing alive,
Health screams at you the soul that will soon depart!
Health ah what is beautiful to fall to give you flight!,
To die to give you life, to die under your heaven,
And in your enchanted land eternity sleep.
If on my tomb you see sprouting one day
Among the thick and simple grass, humble flower.
Bring her to your lips and kiss my soul,
And I sit on my forehead under the cold grave
From your tenderness the breath, from your breath the heat.
Let the Moon see me in a still, soft light;
Let the dawn send its fleeting radiance,
He lets the wind groan with his grave murmur,
And if a bird descends and lands on my cross
Let the bird sing its song of peace.
Let the Sun burning the rains evaporate
And to heaven become pure with my cry after,
Let a friend my early end cry
And on serene evenings when someone prays for me
Pray also, O Fatherland, for my rest to God!
Pray for all those who died without fortune,
For those who suffered unparalleled torments,
For our poor mothers who groan their bitterness;
For orphans and widows, for prisoners under torture
And pray for you to see your final redemption.
And when in dark night the cemetery is enveloped
And only dead remain watching there,
Do not disturb his repose, do not disturb the mystery
Maybe you hear chords of zither or psaltery,
It is I, dear Fatherland, I who sing to you.
And when my grave of all forgotten
Let have no cross or stone to mark its place,
Let the man pour it, spread it with the hoe,
And my ashes before they return to nothingness,
The dust from your carpet that they will form.
Then nothing matters you put me in oblivion,
Your atmosphere, your space, your valleys I will cross,
Vibrant and clean note I will be for your ear,
Aroma, light, colors, rumor, song moan
Constant repeating the essence of my faith.
My country idolized pain of my pains,
Dear Philippines, hear the last goodbye.
There, I leave you everything, my parents, my loves.
I go where there are no slaves, executioners or oppressors,
Where faith does not kill, where God reigns.
Farewell, parents and brothers, pieces of my soul;
Childhood friends in the lost home,
Give thanks that I rest from the tiring day.
Goodbye, sweet foreigner, my friend, my joy!
Goodbye, dear beings. To die is to rest.

Fragment of the work

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