Poems by José Asunción Silva

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José Asunción Silva (1865-1896) is one of the most recognized Colombian poets of all time. According to some critics, he is Colombia’s greatest poet. In literary historiography, he is usually recognized as the great initiator of Spanish-American modernism, a literary trend that would reach its culmination in the work of the Nicaraguan Rubén Darío.
This selection of poems by José Asunción Silva has several privileged sources: The book of verses, which he himself ordered and titled; Bitter Drops, which he wanted to keep unpublished; and Various Verses, a compendium of the rest of his work.
It should be added that Silva does not seem to be attracted by Parnassianism and even less by the preciosismo of the early 1890s. See his satire “Symphony of strawberry color in milk”. Influenced by Poe, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, and Ismaelillo’s José Martí, Silva is considered a symbolist poet.
After his suicide, the first edition of his poetic work appeared in Barcelona in 1908. With a passionate prologue by Miguel de Unamuno, which is included in the present edition.

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