Poems by Fray Luis de León

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It was not until the late nineteenth century that a good edition of the Poems of Fray Luis de León was made. Considered by some a mystical poet, he left poems of remarkable intimate-religious flavor. Fray Luis is one of the highest voices of all poetry in Spanish. Fray Luis himself divided his poems into three sections: the originals, the translations of profane poets and the translations or biblical versions.
Francisco de Quevedo published his poems for the first time in 1631, using it as an antinomy of culteranism in the context of the poetic war maintained by Quevedo and Luis de Góngora.

To Our Lady

We Would Not See the Face of the Eternal Father
joyful, nor on the ground the beloved Son
remove the tyranny of hell,
nor the fierce Captain in chains;
we lived in everlasting weeping,
last the poison of the bite,
Most Serene Virgin, if she did not find
such Mother God in you where she will incarnate.
That though man’s love had already made
move the Eternal Father to send
the only begotten of his breast,
that incarnating in you would repair him,
With you our right was remedied,
you did our good to increase,
It was our life in which you wanted,
Mother worthy of God, and longing for defeat.
The Father had no more, Virgin, to give you,
for He wanted Christ to be born from you,
nor did you have more to desire,
the desire being such that it would fit in you;
having to be a Mother, be content
you could be of whoever it was
less than God, though for such a Mother,
it was good to be God the Son and Father.
With the humility that you enriched heaven
your being above heaven you raised;
that which was God alone you were not,
and when it was not God, thou hast left behind;
Holy soul of Father Concebistes,
and to the Word in your womb thou hast encrypted;
that what heaven and earth did not embrace,
Your holy bowels enclosed.
And though ye are Mother, ye are the whole Virgin,
daughter of Adam, of guilt preserved,
and in order of being born you are first,
and before heaven was you were bred.
You are pious, for the fierce series
for you he saw his broken head;
to God of God you come down from heaven to the ground,
From man to man you rise from the ground to heaven.
You are agora, generous Virgin,
with the perpetual Trinity seated,
do the Father calls you Daughter, the Son Bride,
and the Holy Spirit sweet Beloved.
From there with long and powerful hand
you give us the grace, which is given unto you;
there you rejoice, and here for my pen,
that in the essence of God is the sum.

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