Poems by Félix Lope de Vega

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Félix Lope de Vega wrote an ardent, vital and somewhat carefree poetry. He devoted much of his life to poetic composition, although he is best known as a playwright. A total of three thousand sonnets are preserved, among others. His lyrical creation is especially intense from 1580 because of his rivalry with Luis de Góngora, at which time he will abandon the sonnet to return to the purely Spanish meter, that is, the octosyllable.


“Boscán, we arrived late. Is there an inn?
“Call from the post, Garcilaso.
“Who is it?” “Two knights of Parnassus.
“There is nowhere to night armed arena.

“I don’t understand what the maid is saying.
Madona, what do you say? “Let them affect step,
that obstenta limbos the lied sunset
and the Sun depinge the pink portion.

“Are you in you, woman?” “He refused to be foolish.
the itinerant guest. “That in so little!
time such a language among Christians be!

Boscán, lost we have the way;
ask for Castile, I’m crazy
or we have not left Biscay.

Fragment of the work

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