Poems by Félix Lope de Vega

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Félix Lope de Vega, a prominent figure of the Spanish Golden Age, is distinguished by a poetry that radiates ardor and vitality, elements that shine in his sonnet “Boscán, we arrived late.” This poem, the most celebrated of Lope’s, reflects his prowess as a poet and displays his talent in creating lively and expressive dialogues, even though his fame was primarily cemented in his role as a playwright.
The sonnet presents an exchange between Boscán and Garcilaso, renowned Spanish Renaissance poets, adding a significant intertextual layer to the poem. This dialogue, framed within a journey, suggests a quest that transcends the physical to delve into the poetic, possibly reflecting Lope de Vega’s literary inquiries. This dialogic element establishes a conversational and accessible tone, bringing historical literary figures to life and allowing Lope to explore themes such as identity, displacement, and the poet’s role in society.
Lope de Vega’s rivalry with Luis de Góngora beginning in 1580 marked a turning point in his work, leading him to temporarily abandon the sonnet and explore other metric forms, such as the octosyllable, more rooted in Spanish tradition. However, in “Boscán, we arrived late,” Lope demonstrates his skill with the sonnet, adeptly adapting this form imported from Italy to the Spanish language and cultural context with notable mastery.
The irony and wordplay in the sonnet’s dialogue showcase Lope’s ability to weave humor and critique. The characters’ confusion about their location and their astonishment at the spoken language reflect the complexity of linguistic and cultural change in 16th-century Spain, possibly as a subtle critique of the affectations and artifices in the poetry of his time, alluding to his rivalry with Góngora and his culteran style.
“Boscán, we arrived late” is a vivid example of Lope de Vega’s poetry, where wit, critical acuity, and linguistic skill converge to capture the essence of the era. This sonnet not only reflects Lope’s genius as a poet but also offers insight into the cultural and literary changes of his time, remaining a vital testimony to classical Spanish literature.


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