Poems by César Vallejo

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This anthology of poems by César Vallejo gathers all of his poetry published up to the present. Vallejo is one of the most singular poetic voices in Latin America. From his modernist beginnings, he adopted an intimate tone with a strong social charge, with a deep concern for the helplessness and suffering of his fellow men. His language is open to experimentation, with diverse registers and with the peculiarity of poetically capturing a kind of hermetic soul process, at the same time charged with the claim of the individual’s liberties.
In his first period he wrote Los heraldos negros ( 1918), with some poems of remarkable expressive achievements. Later, more influenced by avant-garde artistic and literary currents, Vallejo wrote a book that is still admired today: Trilce ( 1922). Posthumously, he published España, aparta de mí este cáliz (1939), a book with an admonitory tone against injustice in the face of the evidence of the Republican defeat, Poemas en prosa ( 1928-1938), Poemas humanos ( 1932-1937), and other verses that appeared in anthologies. Of these, and together with Trilce, it is perhaps Poemas humanos that contains the poems most representative of his innovative poetic register, as well as of his peculiar social and human vision, with apocalyptic and hopeless features regarding the type of alienated and unjust society that he saw approaching.
The Human Poems of César Vallejo were written between 1931 and 1937, and published in Paris in 1939 by Georgette Vallejo, the poet’s widow, together with the Poems in prose and Spain, take this chalice away from me. After the Paris edition of 1939, other editions appeared: Complete poems. 1918-1938with compilation, foreword and notes by César Miró (Buenos Aires, Editorial Losada, 1949). And in 1968, Georgette published the complete Obra poética completa, together with the original manuscripts in facsimiles; there Vallejo’s posthumous poems were arranged in the following order:

  • Poems in prose (1923-1929),
  • Human Poems ( 1931-1937), and
  • Spain, take this chalice away from me (1937)

In 1988, another edition of Vallejo’s poetry appeared, under the title of César Vallejo. Poetic workThis critical edition, coordinated by Américo Ferrari, chose to group Vallejo’s posthumous poems (“Poemas de París”) under the headings “Poemas póstumos I” and “Poemas póstumos II”.
However, the distribution imposed by the 1968 edition of Francisco Moncloa Editores is still the most cited.

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