Picturesque Album of the Island of Cuba

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Picturesque Album of the Island of Cuba (Álbum pintoresco de la isla de Cuba), is a book from 1854, illustrated with prints of Cuba. Its authors are Pierre Toussaint Frederic and Federico Mialhe.
In these prints there is a tone of amusement that already anticipates the images of sensual Cuba of the first half of the twentieth century.
We edited the Picturesque Album of the Island of Cuba because we were fascinated with the joy of the popular types that appear in it.
This fasciscidal edition begins with a “Picturesque Plan of Havana with the numbers of the houses” and the following legend:

“The numbers placed on the blocks indicate the largest of the houses on the sidewalk in the center of which they are. Thus, it is easy to know e.g. that the house n. 114 Calle del Obispo is located between the streets of Havana and Aguiar; because in one of the sidewalks of this block are included the houses that lead from n. 111 (which is the one that follows 110, greater between Compostela and Havana) to 115, indicating the last of said block that the house n. 109 calle del Sol, must be between those of Cuba and Aguiar. “

Index of the illustrations of this work

  • 1. Morro and entrance to Havana port
  • 2. View of Havana
  • 3. View of Havana, part of Extramuros
  • 4. Havana
  • 5. Havana
  • 6. Havana
  • 7. Main Square
  • 8. Monserrate Gates
  • 9. Teatro de Tacón and part of the Paseo de Isabel II
  • 10. Fountain of India on the Paseo de Isabel II
  • 11. Alameda de Paula
  • 12. Chitrian
  • 13. The Baker and the Malojero
  • 14. The landlord
  • 15. Rooster fence
  • 16. Three Kings Day
  • 17. The zapateado … (National Dance)
  • 18. Killings
  • 19. Morro and entrance to the port of Santiago de Cuba
  • 20. General view of the city and mountains of Baracoa
  • 21. Commuter rail of Baracoa
  • 22. View of the main church and the Hermitage of Buen Viaje
  • 23. Housing of sponge fishermen
  • 24. Trinity
  • 25. Bullfighting
  • 26. View of a boiler house
  • 27. View of a tobacco meadow.

Most of these images from thePicturesque Album of the Island of Cuba are on the Internet, but interested readers will hardly have seen them printed in their original order. The album is a compendium of Cuban life and recalls the imagery of other illustrated books from Latin America, which we have also published.

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