Philippines a hundred years from now

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The Philippines Within a Hundred Years is an essay that shows Jose Rizal’s vision for the future of his country and his call for unity, education and progress. This work shows Rizal’s thinking and ideas as a nationalist leader, and is a foundational document for understanding the struggle for Philippine independence.
Philippines in a hundred years begins with a review of the history of the Philippines, emphasizing the destruction of native culture and values after the Spanish conquest. Looking at the socio-political developments of other Spanish colonies in Latin America, Rizal concludes that the Philippines will remain under Spanish rule only if Filipinos are granted some democratic right, such as freedom of speech and representation in courts.
Rizal rejects the arguments against reform, warning that late change forced by the people will be violent, while a timely change, driven by the highest levels, will be peaceful. He also stresses that although the Filipinos have things to thank Spain for, they cannot be expected to give up their legitimate aspirations for independence.
In the Philippines in a hundred years José Rizal also predicts the rejection of the Filipinos to the possibility of falling under American sovereignty.

“Following our habit of tackling head-on the most arduous and delicate issues that relate to the Philippines, without caring anything about the consequences that our frankness could cause us, we are going in this article to deal with its future.
To read in the destiny of peoples, it is necessary to open the book of their past. The Philippines’ past boils down broadly to the following:
Incorporated only to the Spanish Crown, they had to support with their blood and with the efforts of their children the wars and the conquering ambitions of the Spanish people, and in these struggles, in that terrible crisis of the peoples when they change government, laws, uses, customs, religion and beliefs, the Philippines were depopulated, impoverished and backward. Surprised in their metamorphosis, no longer confident in their past, without faith even in their present and without any flattering hope in the days to come. The ancient lords, who had only tried to conquer the fear and submission of their subjects, by them accustomed to servitude, fell like the leaves of a dry tree, and the people, who had neither love nor knew what freedom was, easily changed masters, hoping perhaps to gain something in the novelty.”

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