The Perpetual Dictatorship

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788498168600 Hardcover ISBN: 9788411266512

Juan Montalvo is one of Latin America’s greatest thinkers. He lived in the nineteenth century, during a period of political instability and restrictions on public freedoms. He spent his life defending freedom of the press and fighting tyrannies and clericalism. He fought tirelessly against authoritarian governments and suffered persecutions that kept him exiled from his homeland, Ecuador, for long periods.
Much of Montalvo’s production aims to defend the values of free thought and the right to freedom of conscience.
In 1874, an article appeared in the Panamanian newspaper Star and Herald, extolling the achievements of Gabriel García Moreno as president and supporting his candidacy for third reelection. Montalvo was outraged and wrote the letter that we publish here to the newspaper, under the title of The Perpetual Dictatorship (La dictadura perpetua). In it his scathing and direct prose highlighted the perversions of García Moreno’s government.
This text, subtitled, hymn to freedom and the struggle against tyranny, was read clandestinely in Ecuador and helped to remove the blindfold from our ancestors, did not arrive in Ecuador until May 1875.
Perpetual dictatorship is a portrait of power exercised at its extremes. Built, through the analysis of the character and psychology of a dictator. The book inspired a group of young liberals to execute Gabriel García Moreno, then president of Ecuador, on August 6, 1875.
Many of the ideas that appear in The Perpetual Dictatorship are still fully valid today:

“Where do democratic principles go, where do liberal institutions, where do peoples’ rights, where justice, where does pundonor, where human dignity, where freedom, where hope?”

“Wretched, moreover, are the people where revolution became impossible!”

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