Pascual López. Autobiography of a Medical Student

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Pascual López. Autobiography of a Medicin Student (1879) is the first novel published by the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán from A Coruña.
Set in Spain in the late nineteenth century, it narrates the experiences of a young student, of humble condition, who dreams of being rich and powerful. His lust for wealth will lead him to participate in a dangerous experiment.
Pascual López narrates through a fictional autobiography the process of initiation and learning of the adult world that the young student lives after leaving his hometown and entering the Compostela student world. The central axis of this novel is the relationship that the clueless Pascual will establish with his chemistry teacher, Don Félix O’Narr.
Pascual López was very well received by critics, although Pardo Bazán herself emphasizes in the prologue of the third edition of the novel:

«it is nothing more than a quick sketch of student customs, interwoven with scientific fantasies that almost transcend necromancy, as everything supernatural transcends in Santiago.»

I do not think it comes to mind for the narration of this true and implausible story, to say how I went by my parents consecrated from my early childhood to the art of Hippocrates and Galen, and how I had to leave the gift of the paternal lares for the narrowness of a miserable inn. I do not know in what particular signs and marks I could reveal most happy dispositions and rare medical aptitudes; but it is true that one morning I found myself in Santiago as a student.
When such a thing happened I was a more spiky mozancón than my years asked, very at odds with books and very friendly to spend hours wandering or hand over hand. I think that this idleness was exactly what inclined my family to devote myself to study. The digging, the sowing, the harvesting, did not enter my kingdom: then I had to force myself to be wise. A lot of work cost me to get rid of the rustic abundance that my parents had in their mountain home, out of rich Galician farmers; (and it should be noted that these such, despite their reputation as petty and petty, are, according to experience and travels have shown me, the greatest prodigals and cirrotos of all Spain). That is that I, by drinking the cloudy broth and chirle that the fementida patron saint gave us, by swallowing her peeled stew, brought to mind the perpetual weddings of Camacho that I left behind, and I envied with all my heart my brothers, those who were left plowing without thinking about prudishness of studies or Universities.
If it was in autumn, I said for my say: harvest time, chestnuts, walnuts and must, who would catch you there! If in winter: brave perniles and chorizos will cook in the pot at home! If in spring: see me looking for nests of goldfinches and wagtails, blackberries and wild frills, and not imprisoned in these banks and dark chairs! And finally, in carnestolendas he remembered the antruejo that we used to wear, perishing with laughter, with all the rags that we found at hand, giving him a straw ring for a crown, a broom for a scepter, and painting his face with soot, while the frying pan placed on the tripod sang the refrain with which it usually accompanies the birth of the yellow filloas.

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